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Some find it almost impossible not to draw comparisons with Champagne when considering this category, demoting the sparklers to a sort of cheap Champagne substitute (the one exception is the English variant which is right up there for quality and made using the same varieties) instead of regarding them as worthwhile individual wines in their own right. However this is unfair as these are all well made and each has a story to tell. We can't all afford regular infusions of Champagne which, anyway, is not always suitable. A simple toast or casual aperitif, entertaining without hassle or what the French call une verre pour l'amitie are all perfectly well-served by a decent sparkler. For a pleasant variation, try the one you most like the sound of with a little splash of Cassis or Two Birds Raspberry or Passion Fruit Vodka for a delicious pre-dinner livener.
Sparkling Wine Sparkling Wine
Vilmart & Cie was founded in 1890 and is now run by Laurent
Champs.  There is a constant striving for perfection, from the
organically run vineyard to the blending bench.  The Champagne comes
from the best grapes from the family's 11 hectares of Premier Cru
vineyards at Rilly-la-Montagne on the Montagne de Reims.We remain unconvinced by almost all the big names in Champagne. The big brands strive to maintain high market profiles with expensive sponsorships and glossy advertising of frantic financial outlay. This needs to be recouped and therefore a large portion of marketing spend is an integral part of the retail price. You pay to enhance their swollen corporate egos. We are sad to have to tell you that Joel and Hedwige Rasselet, with whom we have traded in one incarnation or another for over 30 years, are retiring and are no longer export their wines. The principle still pertains however and our Champagnes come from smaller producers who put quality ahead of noise. Veuve Fourny make a thrillingly crisp, dancing Blanc de Blancs. Vilmart is a house in the top flight and acclaimed by all who appreciate good Champagne. You could always try the Furleigh Estate Classic Cuvee from Dorset which does a top rate job.
Champagne Champagne

Wines of Interest >  SHOP  >  Miscellaneous  >  Champagne & Sparkling Wine