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John Glaser describes himself as a Whisky Zealot.  He takes an
artisanal yet contemporary approach to the traditional craft of
whisky blending which fell out of fashion in the stampede for single
malts at the end of the 20th century.  He advocates a wide
exploration of vatted malts for more interesting and balanced
whiskies, and we agree.Compass Box is a niche Whisky company owned and powered by a delightfully barmy American, John Glaser who is a self-confessed whisky zealot. Inspired by 19th century blenders, John creates highly individual, top quality whiskies through blending painstakingly chosen, single casks: he rejects 75% of what the distilleries offer him. He does not chill filter, nor add colour and his whiskies have a softness, a sweetness and silkiness on the palate which makes them richer and smoother than much of the competition.
Whiskies Whiskies
Two Birds Gin, Vodka and Vodka Infusions are the products of a relatively new craft distiller in Leicestershire. They make small batches of very high grade Vodka from a combination of sugar beet and barley; it is astonishingly smooth and makes a most refined base for their beautifully accurate fruit flavoured vodkas.

On first thought this might look like a curious direction for Wines of Interest to take; the straight lines are all well and good, the fruity variants might raise a little interest but the final two are just downright weird, aren't they? Hands up - we thought so too....until we tasted them and found them to be extraordinarily good with elegant flavours stylishly and precisely meeting the description on the label in a not-too-sweet and skilfully unconfected way. They all work, not because they are some sort of gimmick, but because they are darned good. All you have to do is to ditch your preconceptions and you can like them too!

For the full story please tune into the Blog page on our website.
Gin, Vodka and Vodka Infusions Gin, Vodka and Vodka Infusions
This is the only Cognac we’ve tasted recently that reminds you that the base material is grape. Many of the big brands taste of caramel (colouring adjuster) and old wood. Leyrat is relatively delicate, made from organically grown grapes and deliciously fruity. The distiller is a Kiwi who has brought a welcome, modern eye to this traditional profession. We have stocked their excellent VSOP for many years and have added a top grade, long matured treat of exceptional quality.
Cognac, Armagnac & Calvados Cognac, Armagnac & Calvados