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Situated on the banks of the Guadelete at Puerto de Santa Maria
Don Juan-Carlos Gutierez Colosia produces very fine Puerto Fino and
his Amontillado del Puerto and Oloroso del Puerto are exceptional. 
Recently voted one of the top 25 wine producers in Spain..Good Sherry is the best value, but most underrated fine wine in the world. Manzanilla specialists Herederos Argueso make the best we've tasted to date; the Finos from Don Juan Carlos Gutierez Colosia and particularly Marismeno from Romate are just sensational. The richer Amontillados from Fernando de Castilla and Gutierrez Colosia are nutty and flavour filled; the latter's dry Oloroso is intense and fine. For a rare treat, Fernando de Castilla's Antique trio are about as good as it gets, concentrated, ancient and mouthfilling. For decent, simple, commercial sherries, Romate's Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso and Cream are hard to beat
Sherry Sherry
Madeira has never been one of our stronger enthusiasms, but Barbeito have gone a long way to changing that. Barbeito's wines are strikingly clean with vibrant flavours, from production methods which involve no artificial heating and no caramel. They are handmade, cask aged and as refined and as natural as Madeira can be. Hurrah! The exceptional single cask Boal comes gift-boxed with its full story and makes a perfect gift for any wine enthusiast.
Madeira Madeira
Port is a timeless luxury. Old-school in reputation but loved by all generations of wine drinker, it is a comforting, richly fruity, warming drink to linger over with friends. The whole confusing gamut of styles is here: white port, tawny port, basic ruby, crusted, late bottled vintage, single quinta examples and vintage proper. There are wines to drink right now and wines to lay down for between five and thirty years. We have acquired small quantities of some classic wines in great vintages from 2007 back: here is the opportunity for some serious indulgence.

Krohn is not a name in the forefront of Port wine, but this is a small, family-owned house without the need to advertise. They make an arresting selection of modern ports with a particular skill in tawnies, though they have impressed us across the range. Ambassador is a great value starter; their white (actually pale orange) is nutty and positive - try it as an alternative to sherry. The LBV has serious depth and 2000 Colheita (single vintage tawny) is vibrant and luscious. The 20 year old tawny is refined, balanced and probably an aphrodisiac.

Port Port
Vintage Port represents the peak of the port maker's art. There is a handful of names at the top end, like Graham or Fonseca, which reverberate through the port drinking world. Others, with a less flashy history, play a more discreet but equally important role in the first team. One such is Quinta do Vesuvio, a property far up the Douro, remote and wild, that was bought, almost inevitably, by the Symington Group as recently as 1989. Its microclimate and the sheer quality of its fruit allow it to make Vintage Port in most years. The grapes are still trodden by foot, a method reserved by the best winemakers such as Paul Symington for making their best ports. Vesuvio combines power and finesse and is capable of ageing for many years; it is undoubtedly one of the finest port properties and, with only small quantities available, you would do well to add a few bottles to your collection. We have several vintages available.
Vintage Port Vintage Port

Wines of Interest >  SHOP  >  By Type  >  Port, Sherry & Madeira