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These wines are all different but collectively represent the modern face of Portuguese winemaking, without ever losing their Portuguese identity. If your experience of this fascinating country's wines extends to that ghastly rosé or low-grade Vinho Verde, this selection will be a revelation.
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Port is a timeless luxury. Old-school in reputation but loved by all generations of wine drinker, it is a comforting, richly fruity, warming drink to linger over with friends. The whole confusing gamut of styles is here: white port, tawny port, basic ruby, crusted occasionally, late bottled vintage, single quinta examples and vintage proper. There are wines to drink right now and wines to lay down for between five and thirty years. We have acquired small quantities of some classic wines in great vintages from 2011 back: here is the opportunity for some serious indulgence.

Krohn is not a name in the forefront of Port wine, but this is a small house without the need to advertise. They make an arresting selection of modern ports with a particular skill in tawnies, though they have impressed us across the range. Ambassador is a great value starter; their white (actually pale orange) is nutty and positive - try it as an alternative to sherry. The LBV has serious depth and 2001 Colheita (single vintage tawny) is vibrant and luscious. The 20 year old tawny is refined, balanced and probably an aphrodisiac.
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