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The weathered roofscape of sleepy St.Emilion.With increasing demand from the wider world for the top names of Bordeaux and key property owners being so collectively unreasonable with their prices, classed growths have pulled out of the financial reach of many of us. We are not investment experts; we are wine lovers and regret being deprived of one of life's great and, once, occasionally affordable pleasures. However, a glass of good Claret is still a delight and does not have to cost a whole fortune, though you may have to kiss a lot of frogs to find if not a prince, then at least a minor aristo. The good news is that that requires us to sift through the wines of admirable artisan winemakers and it is a great pleasure to turn up delicious wines that are worth their price. This is where you can still find true value and our modest selections represent the fruits of genuine hard work by cheerily determined growers miles away from the silly end of the market.
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